Wild Griffon Vulture

We offer a range of wildlife watching and photography activities which can be booked in advance of your stay (and in some cases upon your arrival).  We will be developing this part of the website further over the next few months.  Updates on the various photography projects will be regularly posted on our Facebook site (link to the left).

Wildlife Watching and Photography Hides

We are currently developing several two-person hides within our woodland and meadows which will allow close up views of bird and mammal species that visit the land.  Both hides will incorporate reflection/drinking pools as with the locality being warm and dry these often attract more species than by feeding alone.  We expect the woodland hides to attract (depending on season) several species of woodpecker (green, great spotted, middle spotted), nuthatch, jays, various tits and finches, cuckoo, turtle dove etc.  Hides in meadows are likely to attract hoopoe, cirl and corn bunting as well as some of the woodland species.

A weekly fee of €200 per person (or €250 for two weeks use) allows for unlimited access to the hides (subject to a rotational use policy if other clients are resident), as well as all the on-site meadows and woodland.        

Camera Trapping 

The property is home to a variety of mammals (badger, hare, fox, roe and fallow deer, wild boar, pine and stone marten) which are mostly active after dusk and which often use regular trails.  We have camera trapping equipment (compatible with Canon and Nikon equipment - for other manufacturers please enquire) which can be used under supervision during your stay following an introductory workshop to demonstrate it's use and the best locations for deployment.

Cost of Camera Trapping Workshop (and subsequent use of equipment) €150 per person.

Camera Trapped Badger

Day Trips

We offer a number of day trips for clients whether you are interested in landscape or wildlife photography, or would simply like to visit different habitats or participate in a guided nature walk.  A packed lunch and drinks are provided on these days. 

Examples of day trips are as follows (prices and availability will vary depending on number of participants and season etc):

Vultures and Gorges

An all-day trip to see up to four species of Vulture (mostly Griffon but Black, Egyptian and Lammergeier Vultures are all possible along with a range of other eagles and birds of prey) as they soar over a spectacular deep gorge setting. 

Bastide Villages

A tour of a selection of picturesque bastide villages and historic small towns taking in some of the best viewpoints for photography within and outside the settlements, along with surrounding landscapes and features such as windmills, vineyards and sunflower/poppy fields (depending on season).

Local Nature Walk

Take a walk out with us, either from the gite or to another local village and participate in a walk to discover the wildlife of the Causses region.  Throughout the seasons it is possible to identify a wide range of plant and insect species and we will take you to a number of different habitats including ponds and river settings.

Photography Tuition

Photography tuition is available for clients of all abilities staying with us, whether you would like to concentrate on a particular species or refine your technical skills.  Rates apply per person, per day (€200 including lunch) or half day (€100) and include access to our land and hide facilities.If you are booking one of our workshops or day trips then tuition is of course included within the price.

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